About the Artist| Designer| Creator

I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where I fell in love with the natural world, flowers, animals, rivers, rocks, and plants. As a kid I learned to forage on the Navajo Nation and developed a interest in gathering which developed into a passion for food. I am now a trained chef with many hobbies that keep me visiting the wild places of North America and the world. In 2022 I was faced with some health issues that caused my hair to fall out so I knew it was time for a break from restaurants and monetize some of my hobbies. I began creating more, painting acrylic on wood, creating gemstone jewelry and dying silk scarves with wild mushrooms I forage during the summer months. Jasper and Gentian is a celebration of my other passions.

Jasper & Gentian

Jasper is stone that comes in endlessly diverse colors and shades. Jasper in a healing stone, grounding and inspiring.

Gentian are a family of wildflower that symbolize love and justice. Star Gentian and Mountain Gentian are my favorite wildflowers and I Look Forward to seeing them every summer in the Rocky Mountains.